Friday, April 06, 2007

Scrips, Scraps, and "Tongue"

My daughter Julia is sending in a song for the American Idol song contest. If you think you would be interested in voting (winner is chosen by popular vote - scary, I know...) you need to be a registered American Idol Song voter. So register here and do it today! It won't be happening for a couple of weeks, but you may as well get the first step done!


Yesterday my oldest daughter Danica popped over to make some of our traditional Easter breads: cardamom braids and cheese braids. Her youngest sisters got on board and we had beautiful loaves all over the kitchen by the time they were finished. Ah! Such a feeling of accomplishment!


When we gather around the table these days the number is significant (17 if you count Jameson, who doesn't actually eat with us.) It is always busy, a bit noisy, and interesting. Treasured times, no doubt.


My husband and I do a weekly radio show. Last week we discussed the use of the tongue to affirm and bless. Ah, that little member, how powerful it is, how hard to tame. It requires a vigilance to rule this fiery and troublesome part. Reminders are always welcome and usually needed. So we reviewed the power of the tongue to bless and to curse, to build and to tear down, to hurt and to heal. It is always worth considering the effect of our words, because like it or not, they will have impact. Better to choose carefully what that impact will be.

One big trick is realizing that even children deserve the utmost of respect. They are, after all, His heritage, His creation. Are we speaking positively? Would they feel uplifted by the things we are sharing with others, or are we joking at their expense? Have we stereo-typed them, labeling them with something that will be hard for them to shake, limiting the power of God in their young lives? Or are we speaking life-giving words that free them from sin patterns and deny the enemy his wretched way?

So often we assume they are too young to be aware, too little to matter. We become careless. But their tender souls are sensitive, readily damaged; their trust and self-worth is easily hurt. On top of that, the enemy of their soul is listening, ready to assign troublesome thoughts or bondages accordingly. This is serious business only to be acknowledged by the sober-minded; this is the beginning of finding help. How can this unruly member be controlled? Thanks be to Christ and the work of the Spirit in our lives!

Through thorough repentance we release our children from wrong thinking and deep hurts. Once the slate is cleaned, a new vantage point is gained. We begin to understand the power of the spoken word. A realization that we can partner with the Almighty fills us with awe and appreciation. Although it levies a grave responsibility, it also allows for positive movement away from the destruction of the enemy and sin toward Christ and His life-giving power. Through carefully chosen words of truth, we impart grace, strength, joy, and encouragement. We impart! We build! We dispel the power of darkness and put the Father of lies to flight!

The creation of young men and women of God is our task. Even that two year old belongs to Him and is filled with destiny. We, through declaring the truth of the Word, can work with Him in shaping that young life for fulfillment of His plan.

So take it from one of the older moms. The words you sow today will reap fruit someday. Let it be good fruit.


Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

oh, good post.


6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Darlene. Your directional insight is life giving to this mom in the midst of the labor. I will remember. Thank you!

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for reaffirming what i actually think of frequently. sometimes people may think i'm crazy, but i try to watch what people speak over my children or say to them. however, i do admit, that at times when one is in moments of frustration it can be difficult to not get angry. so then i wonder how do i affect their spirit and if i DID do anything, how can i change that? hmmm...

9:38 PM  
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