Monday, April 02, 2007

My Day Off

For the next two days I have no musical rehearsals, no meetings (that I remember anyway), and no scheduled outings except music lessons and grocery shopping tomorrow. I am hoping to rest enough to beat this nagging cold. It just may happen. Pizza has been ordered for tonight and I think we will just watch a movie. It is especially fun because both daughters are here for an overnight with grandkids in tow (but only one son-in-law; the other one is in California. We will miss him!) All day long we've been exalting in having a pajama party - we are all loving just hanging out with no real plans except being together. This mom thinks it is as good as it gets!

With a break in the action I have actually had time to think ahead to the very special weekend coming up. I like Easter to be well celebrated, so with daughters here we've discussed menus and dinner invitations. And what to wear.

Time for online shopping. Mom has been "absent" practically all day searching for bargains and shirts that match, shoes that will finish it off just right, and dresses in correct sizes. It is challenging, but the only other option is a trip to Syracuse, and that is costly, tiring, and time-consuming. Today, the .com world seemed much easier.

A big score for modern technology in my book.


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sounds fun!

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