Monday, April 09, 2007

Rejoicing Together

Yesterday we celebrated His resurrection. That alone, if nothing more is ever added, will be enough to celebrate throughout eternity.

But in church we celebrate with one another as well. We are family. And yesterday there were many to rejoice with.

Dr. Young was there for his first service since his surgery. How good it was to see him home, sitting right where he belonged. Linda's family was there, too; she also had just been through a successful cancer surgery. They were glad to be home. And Ron, who hasn't been able to attend since open heart surgery in December, was in the second row - how wonderful to see him take his usual place amongst the congregation.

Dr. Blewett's son, Ken, was present, on leave from duty in Baghdad, Iraq. His wife Kelly joined him in Atlanta before they flew north. We had all prayed that they would be able to meet there and have that extra time together. God provided. As Ken's name was called we all stood in a united ovation to welcome him, hopefully signaling to him our deep appreciation for what he is doing, for what he stands for. We pray for his safety and effectiveness. Tears fill my eyes even now, thinking of how much I esteem him and those like him - leaders who take their place and sacrifice in ways that we only imagine. Ken's entire family was there, tall, beautiful young men and women. What a treasure they are.

And our smallest member, little Jacob, a baby born in an untimely fashion, still barely weighing in at 6 pounds even though he is now several months old, made his first Sunday appearance. How wonderful - healthy and strong, in spite of his size. We love him; we've all invested in him through prayer and care to his family. Our hearts are knit.

That's how it is with all those I've mentioned: our hearts are knit. We are kin. We rejoice with one another. We weep with one another, too.

But yesterday was a day of rejoicing. And it was wonderful.


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