Monday, March 12, 2007

Leaving On a Jet Plane

We are about an hour from departure time. One lovely daughter, with youngest son in tow for the sake of company on the trip home, will drive us to the airport. Bags are nearly packed, bread and granola fill the cupboard, gifts are wrapped and stowed in luggage, maps are printed (hubby travels with every route well planned), and schedules are somewhat in tact. Whatever isn't crossed off the list was never meant to be or just plain isn't going to be (depending, perhaps, on your theological bent...)

We had a pleasant weekend visit from an "adopted" daughter with her two little girls. She lived with us several years ago and has been a part of us ever since. She is like a sister to my children and now Merrick has two more little girls to call him "Uncle Merrick"! It was wonderful to have her here. We didn't visit much, with all my packing and what not, but she was happy to be here joining in the hubbub of our household.

Yesterday following church we had a spontaneous Sinclair family dinner with 18 or more at the table. Sauce and pasta always work for such occasions - along with lots of laughter and fun conversation. And, of course, three little boys yielding light sabers staged scene 4 from Episode number three (or whatever it was...)

So now I will shower, throw the remaining clothes into a suitcase and pack a carry-on. Off for a European adventure and wondering just what God might do this time!


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