Monday, March 19, 2007

So Far

Salzburg was charming, Schönbrun Palace oppulent, St. Rupert's church (c.1000AD) awesome - in the truest meaning of that abused word - and I have loved this trip. It would be too much to summarize so many experiences here and now. Perhaps when I am not confounded by this German keyboard I will feel less daunted.

But in summary: WOW!

A quick thought: I love the German language. This is one I could earnestly study. Maybe someday, should the Lord allow.

Tomorrow we head to München, more particularly to Dachau, a concentration camp used during Hitler's regime. Who can imagine? I have already been in tears as I listened to our Viennese hosts tell of their memories of the postwar occupation. (Have I mentioned before that Mennonite Your Way is fabulous? I absolutely love staying with local people. What better way to really experience a culture?)

At any rate, the sights are beyond description, the culture truly delightful, the language a joy to hear, and the impact of this much history is deep. I have been touched.

And I will be home Wednesday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll ask Ryan about me picking you up... I would love, love, love to! And Jameson would sleep the whole way home, so we could chat.

Speaking of chatting, maybe I'll call you today. The Jameson-episode yesterday is making me miss my mama.

He has a cold, too, and projectile-vomited only 4 or 5 times last night, and wouldn't let me lay down with him. We spent most of the night sitting up.

But he smiled as much as ever when he woke up this morning! What a sweetie!

9:26 AM  

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