Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Mutual Season

We sat in my daughter's salon and compared notes - she has home-schooled her several daughters and the oldest is about to graduate from Patrick Henry College. Soon thereafter she will marry and move away.

We talked about how it was when they were all young and still at home - how easy and orderly things were, how packaged and planned, how satisfying and simple - reminiscing about those mother duck/duckling years (you know, mama duck and all the babes waddling along behind.)

"Do you have many meals together anymore?"
"No, not as many. There are so many schedule conflicts - we aren't all home at the same time very often."

"How do you handle the busy-ness? Do you feel bad about the lack of routine? I mean I used to have this hard and fast schedule, but not any more. Bedtime is hit or miss, stories now and then, chores less than routine."
"I battle the guilt of feeling like the younger ones are missing out. I remind myself that He blessed them with many siblings and placed them right where they should be in the lineup. The younger ones are not having the same experience as the older ones, no doubt, but I do believe that what they receive from siblings is great as well."

Discovering that what you're going through is not completely unique is helpful - I am not totally bonkers after all. Our eyes lit up with recognition as we each suggested another facet being experienced in this newly encountered season. This is mutual.

We encouraged one another with the realization that we were not alone in feeling a bit out of control in this particular season with all the running here and there, juggling the needs of adult children with those of our still dependent children, leaving one feeling stretched in many directions.

I am all about simplifying life, cutting back on those "extra-curricular" activities that our culture is prone to push. But at the same time, our older children are becoming adults, with individual ministries and giftings. They need to develop those gifts and practice those ministries. Voila! Life has just become necessarily more complex.

And I do mean necessarily. I believe it is my responsibility to train them, release them, encourage them, and guide them in expanding their influence for the Kingdom of God.

So, we continue growing. All of us. Even us "over the hillers". New seasons, fresh challenges, increasing knowledge of His ways, enlarged capacities for His grace.

So don't stop now - it ain't over yet! And, boy, am I glad He's in it with me to the end!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how you share so cleverly about the seasons to come- the pure, honest truth, but not in a way that makes me scared to face it! My time will come- the one that you described. For now, I will hang on to and thouroughly enjoy the one I'm in (ducks in a row...)

7:58 AM  
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