Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Longest Day

This morning found me up and taking my two boys to college campus for their 8:00 class. I know, that's not so very early. But the week has already been long with lots of late nights.

I found myself at the church by 10:00am to sort through staging and finish up choreography in time for the 12:30-5:00pm dance rehearsal. I waltzed, polka-ed, did some soft shoe, and even a bit of the can-can (oh, also some Russian kicks and jumps.) I ran through (literally) chase scenes for the Keystone Ballet. And we finished off the afternoon with a crazy "cake-walk" type dance.

Whew! Not bad for an old lady who sat around all last year. Boy, am I out of shape!

I managed to walk in my front door at 5:30pm, set the little man up for the supper being prepared by all the girls that came home with me (oh, and Peter - sorry, Pete, I almost forgot!) Once they were on track, I headed upstairs for a few minutes of R&R. Twenty minutes later, I climbed out of bed, and boy was I stiff! Oh, well. Stretch that ankle and get moving! I have a three hour rehearsal (6:30-9:30pm) and it's no time to lag!

Whew! So the last note was sounded, the final line read; the chairs were straightened out, the church door was locked, and at last I'm home.

And bed never looked so sweet!


*Edit 1:09am
As you may surmise if you check the time, I am not sleeping yet. Ah, yes. This seems to be my plight when I direct shows. At this stage of the game I lay in bed hearing melodies and wondering how to help the kids with certain scenes. Or I think of undone jobs. I dutifully sit up in bed and, with pen in hand, scratch down whatever nagging detail has danced through my head - as if I haven't had enough dancing already. But since I've been doing that for an hour now I at last succumbed to the notion of writing some more of the playbill (a job that is quite behind by now.)

Perhaps when I've written enough song titles and looked up enough spellings of names (this is any playbill content writer's nightmare - a misspelled name!) sleep will overtake me. I do hope so. I have an early morning radio show to do tomorrow morning (actually, that would be this morning.)

Isn't it good to know that even I am His problem? Not to mention, all my dilemmas, including sleep or lack thereof. Right now, that is truly good to know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mumsie, you're amazing.

11:00 AM  
Blogger TrashTidBits said...

I can relate to all the thoughts running through your head as you try to go to sleep. I'm also having one of the weeks where it seems like my schedule will scoop me away.

Thankfully, God's grace is sufficient to get us through our busy schedules.

Be blessed in all the busyness.

11:40 AM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

boy do I love you, you crazy lady.

12:36 PM  

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