Monday, February 26, 2007

Being Fancy

Some people never tire of playing pretend. (I guess that's alright, as long as you know when you are playing!) At any rate, I think you probably all know that I just might fit into that category of folks.

This Wednesday my three youngest daughters and I will pack up some clothes and cross the border for an overnight in this gracious hotel located in the historic section of downtown Ottawa. We will pretend to be part of another world for a day or two. We will enjoy luxurious surroundings, lounging in our well appointed room with all of its finery. The special winter package offered by the Chateau Laurier includes a breakfast buffet in their elegant restaurant. Nice.

Across the street the Rideau Canal will be humming with activity as young and old alike don their skates for a time on the ice. Mothers will be strolling with toddler sleds in tow and we will join them for a winter afternoon's walk.

But most of all, we plan on reveling in one another's company. No schedule to keep, no expectations to meet other than enjoyment. If we want to lay on the beds just chatting and giggling, we will. If a game is in order, we will play. Perhaps the viewing of a chick flick will push bedtime to late in the night. A trip to a nearby store may also be in the offing (strictly window shopping, however...) As long as we are together.

Why? It was time to make a memory. Time to tie some strings. It doesn't always have to be this elaborate, I know. But hubby and I agreed - it was time. And this would be just right.

And to say the least, this mom is excited!


Blogger sam said...

As I have been working on my photos I came across pictures of our time at the same lovely hotel and the time we took the youth skating on the Rideau. What a wonderful, memory making time you will have. Eliz and I are off on a similar, though not quite as luxurious, adventure this weekend as well.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy each & every moment! Oh, to whisk away with my mother again - she was one to do what you are. ;) Sometimes it was a needed time and sometimes it was 'just because.' Either way, what a joy & a privilege to share one another's company. :)

Have a marvelous time!!

9:29 AM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

you lucky ducks.

12:21 PM  

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