Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Buenos dias!"

"Buenos dias!" exclaimed Lourdes' cheerful voice on the other end of the phone line.

Our weekly Spanish radio broadcast had begun. That would be about all the conversation I would clearly understand (maybe someday I will remedy that...) The rest of the show would be translated as we went along.

Hubby and I have been invited to participate in a half hour weekly radio show broadcast in Madrid, Spain from right here in Madrid, NY. Who ever would have imagined? We surely live in an age of world-shrinking technology.

The show centers on family issues. For the past two weeks we've discussed child training and discipline. Before that we addressed the husband/wife relationship.

It all started right there. Four weeks ago we were in Madrid, Spain. Circumstances allowed us to participate in a radio show hosted by Lourdes (I don't even know her last name. Sorry about that.) Asking questions about the traditional Biblical roles of men and women in family, our passion for that topic readily unfolded. Her audience responded quickly with phone calls and e-mails, conveying interest and further questions about such issues. In no time it became obvious - these people were desperate to hear more about this! The Church in Spain needs to know what God's heart is for their marriages and children!

Because of the overwhelming response, Lourdes asked if we could continue where we left off. But how? We were returning to the States the next day! In no time a plan was concocted. Simple enough - a radio show was just a phone call away! So now, every Thursday morning at 7:30 we dial up the station in Madrid, Spain and Lourdes begins the interview. Amazing. I have dubbed it The Madrid Connection.

If you happen to think of us, pray for His help. He so desires that His people become equipped. And we so desire to do our part.


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The girls and I are glued to the radio on Thursday, 1:30 our time. We love hearing your voices, and really enjoy the programme as you guys have so much wisdom. Your last programme created a problem for me though as the girls are now convinced that i didn't follow all the steps of correction correctly with them, whoops!!!

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