Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trees, Sleds, and Family

Tree day was today. First thing this morning several of us bundled up in our not so glamourous "tree cutting down" garb. There is a wonderful farm just beyond Canton where you find stacks of sleds outside the barn with saws hanging on the wall. Trails lead to fields of white pine and spruce trees. A simple venture up hill and down eyeing every tree once or twice is all it takes. You pick the one of your liking, saw away, strap it to the sled, pull it home - and - voila! You've got yourself a tree!

My family room now smells of fresh cut pine (could it be any fresher?) and the decorations have been hauled out. "When will we hang everything up?" squeals my excited six year old. "Put it right here - that's where we always put it!" (Little does he know that last year was the first year it was there.)

Jingle Bells is being played on the piano and cookies are being frosted in the kitchen in preparation for trimming the tree tonight. How can it be done without rum logs and music they all ask. I guess some things just won't be allowed to change if they can help it.

So in spite of the messy rooms and lack of sleep (we just landed home from several days vacation last night at 10:00pm) the Christmas season has arrived. The kids have made sure of it.

And I am glad for their joy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember that farm!! Oh how I love the smell of a freshly cut tree! We have a fake one that Ben had bought shortly before we got married but we have vowed that we will get a "real" tree when we get our own house!
I love you so much and my memories of Christmas with the Sinclairs will always be one of my most treasured!

11:40 AM  
Blogger mony hussein said...

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