Friday, November 18, 2005


We are investing in the future when we make deposits of our time, energy, finances, and creativity in children. The yields will not be seen immediately. This is a time account.

Therefore, we need to look ahead. I have been distracted as of late and am needing to find fresh focus.

What yields do I hope to realize? What kind of dividends do I want to accrue? The investment I make today will determine the premium earned in the years to come.
  • I want to see them come to salvation, entering into the promise of eternity with Him.
  • I want to see them grow in love for Christ and the gospel, which means growing in love for His Church as well as a passion to see the unsaved come to a saving knowledge of Christ.
  • I want them to serve with joy, to willingly give up all they love should He require that of them in order to serve without distraction.
  • I want them to understand living for eternal things rather than temporal.
  • I want them to invest sacrificially in a future generation, faithfully passing the torch.
So I am praying for renewed willingness myself.

Lord, I am feeling a bit weary, a bit despairing. I repent for not looking to You alone. And now I ask You to help me lift my eyes. Let me keep eternity in my focus and let me live accordingly.

I desire good things for my children. I long to be effective in my generation, to fulfill Your plans for me and complete the good works prepared for me.

Renew faith, restore vision, and fill me afresh with Your Holy Spirit. I am so grateful to You for Your mercies, for Your arms of love. I find solace in knowing that You are a shield and refuge for those who are battle-worn and frayed. I praise You for all this and for all that You are. Amen.


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