Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday's tidings

Thank you, Lidel! This morning we received from you a long wonderful message, filled with the Word and faith, delivered with enthusiasm and fervor, expressing God's love and power. It was just what we needed - really timely in many ways. Is His faithfulness not wonderful? Does He not provide everything we need? Is His hand not always upon us? Are not all the promises Yea and Amen for His children? Yea and Amen, they are! And in all things, every season, He is ever near. He never leaves us or forsakes us. We can rest, knowing that His care is there. It was there for me this morning.


The first major purchase in life made by many young people is a vehicle. Not so in our home. We do pianos. Yesterday we helped a second daughter (Louissa) move her newly acquired baby grand into our home, and moved Danica's into her home. What will I do when they move them out altogether and there is no one left to buy the new one? Will I ever be able to convince Rick that we need one of our own?


Preparations will begin tomorrow for our departure on Wednesday. We will join Rick's family for the holiday, then travel on as a family to Colonial Williamsburg where we will spend a week perusing the sites. Brietta and her family, Danica, Carina, and the rest of us will be visiting blacksmiths, coopers, the Whythe house, Bruton Parish Church, and hopefully a candlelight ball at the Governor's Palace. Everywhere we go we will be privileged to meet Williamsburg townspeople from 1783 - this is a living museum and it is wonderful! It was 10 years ago that we visited and absolutely loved it. And since we will be there for the first Sunday in December we will experience the Grand Illumination - the lighting of window candles and putting out of their famous Christmas decorations as well as music and fireworks - all in early American style! This is something we all love - or at least learn to love!


My honey got a deer! We have fresh venison in the freezer and a happy husband at the table. Hooray!


I got the mudroom cleaned and organized yesterday. It is a small accomplishment, but still an accomplishment. One spoonful at a time, right Helen? Isn't that how archeologists move a whole site? Alas, the only problem with that theory at my home is that for every teaspoon moved there are tablespoons unloaded in the next room! Ah - the maintanence factor. Working on that!


Hope your Sunday is refreshing and restful. I think that's Biblical, right?


Blogger sam said...

Colonial Williamsburg sounds wonderful. I wondered if they would be getting ready for Christmas there as well. I'm sure you will all have a great time.

Norm got a deer yesterday as well. He and Mitch are out again today trying to get another and will head home tomorrow.

I am feeling the tablespoon effect in a major way here in our home. I'm beginning to wonder if trying to get this all done by the first of December was a realistic goal. We'll know for sure by the end of next weekend. Hopefully my heaping tablespoons of stuff will have a home by then.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and a safe journey!

5:30 PM  
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