Friday, November 11, 2005

Shopping, Sorting, and blogging

Shop we did. No one could accuse us of a wasted moment. We are top-ranking shoppers - the special unit. The van was overflowing on our return home, the closet is now bulging, the wallet is empty but the return shelf is also full (that means money back for more!), and the list of purchases yet needed is made and filed in my Daytimer.

Ah... few people shop like the Sinclairs shop - only one that I know of - my oldest shopping buddy, Helen, who helped me define what a shopping outing really should look like. When our children were all young we would head to Plattsburgh, Syracuse, or Albany two times a year for those post-season clearance racks, looking to fill our closet with gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Early in the morning we could be found leaving town, armed with lists and wallets and maybe a nursing infant or two, and everytime, we would be the last ones out of the stores. Our husbands would greet us late that night (I do mean late) in wonder at our excitement and energy. No one could outdo us! And all the best bargains were now ours. Ah... few people shop like we shopped. Maybe when the kids are older and shopping with their own children or friends we will pick up the tradition again. I wonder if our minds and bodies could still do it. I'm game to try, Helen, if you are!

I just finished the sorting of my treasures. There is nothing like Christmas and gifts for all those special people in my life.

Presently my front room is filled with young people worshipping and earnestly praying. I sit here on my bed with hubby's laptop and hear them, pouring out hearts of love and devotion to our precious Lord. Oh, God, hear them. Take their hearts, use their lives, accept their committment to live for You. Help them to do this and more.

How wonderful to see young people seeking God. He is absolutely the only thing worthy of their love.

Tomorrow will be busy. I have three children involved in a professional production of The Nutcracker. They are doing well and are quite excited. Merrick has even gotten over his initial intense disappointment at being a reindeer. When I told him that this was his role, his face fell. I was certain he had hoped to be a mouse. When consoling him regarding this he quickly corrected me. "I didn't want to be a mouse. I wanted to be the Nutcracker!" I suppose this will be just the beginning of many disappointments for my ambitious son who wants to do all the best parts. But he is now happily giving his all to the Reindeer corps and is the best prancer there! What a boy!

The bedroom has been found (if you remember it was missing for several months, hidden beneath piles of clothes.) Not that it is totally tidied up, but progress has been made. Now for the kids rooms! But not until tomorrow. My feet are up and I may indulge in some TV or some Pride and Prejudice. Catch you all later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am totally up for a Pride and Prejudice viewing! I've heard that the A&E version is very good. Finding a time that works well for all those interested to watch the movie may be a challenge, though. I'm game whenever you are!

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think my mom is the best.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

amazingly enough, i didn't write that because of either of those things (when i commented, i didn't know that i would go upstairs to have another new outfit on my bed!).

i wrote it just because i think that. : )

11:36 PM  
Blogger mony hussein said...

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