Monday, May 16, 2005


I gaze across the carpeted floor to the bright windows at the other end of the room. The sloped ceilings here lay claim to the uniqueness of this abode. The peach colored wallpaper was a birthday gift chosen by my oldest daughter. It is still lending it's whimsical pattern and warm tint to this happy room.

My gaze continues and suddenly I hear little girls' laughter; I see long curls bobbing as those little girls jump on their beds. And there's that kitchen set - I see it in the corner once again. Now the boxes are pulled out of the closet and the seemingly endless chore of sorting out spring clothes and putting away winter things is being done. The girls actually loved this - it was as good as a trip to the store for them for it always meant new things they'd never worn before. This room has been a theater for their attempts at Broadway, a dance floor for the newest ballroom move, a shared home for their favorite dolls. The walls have heard whispered stories and giggles, tear-filled moments, and songs sung with great gusto!

My oldest daughter will be married next month. And this is a time for remembering all the precious gifts He has given. She is one of the best.