Friday, April 01, 2005

To Sum it all up - the day that is...

Brietta did indeed arrive. I was hardly able to see the kids since they came directly to the concert and went home immediately afterwards. Tomorrow is a busy day but in the evening perhaps I will spend some time with them.

Julia Marie played a phenomonal concert. You may think I am biased - maybe. But ask anyone else and they will tell you the same (if they are honest, anyways!)

My honey is the best ever. After playing a concert, helping tear down equipment, with headache in full gear, he went grocery shopping with me - $250 worth of grocery shopping. I am so appreciative. I am not a night person. When it is dark and cold, I just want to be home in bed (so here I sit - go figure!) At any rate, I was blessed to have his company. Good friends are hard to come by. Thank you, Lord, for a good friend.

Two out of three bedrooms were spring cleaned, and a bathroom was as well. Laundry was caught up, and the downstairs vacuumed and dusted. That was pretty good. I'm happy about the progress.

Terri Schiavo passed away. I think it is monumental. Whether or not you feel that Terri should have been kept alive, the questions raised by this case are hightly significant. There is much to consider and much to pray about. For instance, if we are to let the Almighty alone be our sustenance, where does the appropriateness of medical intervention of any sort come into play? Where is that line clearly drawn? If someone denies chemo therapy, is that anything akin to denying themselves food and drink? Can we let them play God with their own lives? On the other hand, are we playing God by providing sustenance to someone unable to do so for themselves? If so, I guess the spoon fed old woman should be left to fend for herself or perish. The wounded soldier who cannot raise the canteen to his lips should go unaided. This is dangerous territory and complicated. I guess for now, I vote to err on the side of life. When does the soul depart? Do you know? I do not. This is indeed profound and involved. Lord, help us.

And now I will head to bed in an attempt to be rested for a busy day tomorrow. He is my portion - forever. Ah, sweet forever!


Blogger rivulet said...

"if we are to let the Almighty alone be our sustenance"

This phrase in your post jumped out at me as I had just said the following in my post on xanga the day before. "I would not want doctors or family to play God by plugging me in to their machinery when He alone did not sustain me." Perhaps there is no connection but I wanted to clarify that I was specifically referring to machinery.
You later in your post said-
"are we playing God by providing sustenance to someone unable to do so for themselves? If so, I guess the spoon fed old woman should be left to fend for herself or perish. The wounded soldier who cannot raise the canteen to his lips should go unaided."

I do not want to be misunderstood that I think the old woman who needs feeding or the wounded soldier who needs help with his canteen should be left to themselves. That would be cruel. Aiding one in need is a given. My post was what I would want for MYSELF if I was in such a state that I needed MACHINERY to survive.

Two things:
1. I watched the "medical world" intervene with their machines when my mother died of lung cancer and my aunt died of stomach cancer. I walked away, after I buried them, wondering which was worse- the disease or the "cure'?
2. I am not afraid to die. Like Paul, earth is a passing journey to something far more glorious and I do look forward to it. I am just not that attached to this fallen world. It's very temporary and I am anxious for the next one.
"we are of good courage, I say, and prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord." 2 Cor. 5:8

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the "right to die" camp cannot fully understand life until it's been placed in the Lord's hands. For instance, one with a terminal illness, or with a handicap which makes "normal" life painful or difficult, they say should be allowed to die (helped by a physician, even). But, something in me says, can God not use that life still? When George Wells was ill with Parkinson's disease and could not swallow, he did not give up on life. Even when it was difficult for us to understand him, he still had something to say. Even after he stopped talking, just his *life* spoke volumes. God certainly used him, even to the last weeks and days of his life, just as He had done with George's wife, Lois, in her last days.
They did not think their life was not worth living, simply because it was of a "lower quality" than what the world would desire.
Just my two cents.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

There is so much to consider. As I said, there have been so many times that I've debated in my mind the issue of healing and man's intervention in general. Where can we draw the line? I don't tend to like medical help, wondering if I shouldn't just let God have His way. But when the rubber hits the road, I am ready to intervene. Merrick was on a machine when he had pneumonia. How long would have been too long? When would it have been interrupting His will? Is it even possible to do so? It gets complicated, for sure.

I guess the wondering about whether or not the family still wants me also matters. If they do, shouldn't I be willing, no matter what it costs? Would not God be able to take me if it was my time, even with food and water being supplied?

Still thinking and pondering....

6:25 PM  
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