Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Time to smell the roses?

I just read my daughter's early morning entry - you know, sunshine at 6:00am, spring in the air, and all that stuff. That's when I realized that it is definitely musical season again. For me, a director of a high school musical, this is the time of year when I don't notice the sun, feel the breeze, or hear the birds. I went to bed envisioning royal gowns moving in time to the music and woke up trying to remember the steps I had dreamed up. Ah... it is that season again.

But it is just that - a season. There is a beginning and an end. And fortunately I know the end is in sight. I encourage myself to hang on because it will all be back to normal eventually.

Life is full of seasons and oh, how we need to learn to move with them. The way we live out our relationship with Him and others may need to look different. When I have a newborn baby I just can't expect 2 hours of uninterrupted Bible study to happen. I could be one frustrated lady. As a mother of nine, I know that time set aside for Him is needed, but how and when is another story. Flexibility is essential. Practicing the presence of God at all times is key.

Your life will not look exactly like anyone else's. How tempted we are to look around and think it should. And the enemy has us then. Guilt, feelings of failure, and discouragement flood in. We don't have what they have, our lives aren't "together" like theirs, we haven't prayed and fasted three days this week, etc., etc.

Here's a golden rule: look to learn, not to compare. Find the principle applied in their life, then seek God for His creative plan for implementing it in yours. He doesn't expect it to be the same - He doesn't want it to be the same.

Our failure doesn't lie in our not measuring up to Susie or Fran; it lies in our lack of seeking. Know Him, know His will, know what He is saying to you, and rest in it.

For today, for me, it means purposely setting my dance steps aside and setting my mind on Him. Do I have 2 hours. Nope. Someday maybe I will. For now, I take what is my portion and dream up creative ways to keep Him first - even in the midst of royal gowns dancing...


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