Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Visit

My daughter arrives today with two little ones in tow. She will be here in time for Julia's concert (Snell Hall, 7:15pm, a solo concert featuring original music, in case you're interested!) Jamie is still here, so the only one missing will be Carina. That is a sad note, but I am glad to know she will be here for the musical. That will make that busy weekend even more special! (Hey, maybe I could get her to help do hair for the show!!)

Needless to say there is excitement galore in the Sinclair household. Today we will clean bedrooms - a good excuse to get the spring cleaning done - and prepare for a concert!

Julia's website is up and running. You really ought to check it out! (

Have a good one and enjoy this beautiful spring weather!


Blogger beanz said...

Oh, Mom, you aren't allowed to post things like this. Tears come too frequently I am afraid. :( I would give anything to be there this weekend.

P.S. of course I will help with hair! I was just thinking about it the other day.

5:21 PM  
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