Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Night-time Story

How many varying emotions can fill a heart simultaneously? Lately I feel joy, grief, doubt, confidence in the same moment. Is this the sign of a heart that is enlarged with age? I think so...

Usually when I find myself awake in the middle of the night, I hop up and get to work on whatever it is that keeps my mind from sleep. Last night I laid in bed and prayed. Then I slept. And I woke. And prayed. And on and on it went.

The Terri Schiavo situation has filled my heart with absolute grief. Since when have we considered the provision of sustenance a debatable issue? What would happen if we put our imprisoned enemies in a room and denied them food or drink? What would be the resounding consensus? "Heinous!" And yet, without medical testing, written word of request, or resounding consensus by those who care, this woman is sentenced to just such a death. My heart is broken for her, for those who care, and most certainly, for this nation.

The Gondoliers has taken a front row seat in my life, as do all musicals this close to production time. "Will we have it all learned? Are there enough rehearsals scheduled? What about the orchestra - have they all been contacted? How will I get the volunteers needed still for the cleanup/setup teams? Better get in touch with the person doing the cast party. And that program info - need to find that . . . " So I prayed. I certainly wasn't about to start making phone calls in the middle of the night - right?!

School. Chores. Schedules. Are the kids doing okay? Is everything still happening? What can we let slip for the season and what must remain in place? "Lord, help us . . . "

A Mother's Conference, May 6&7. That's the weekend after the show. I am overseeing and speaking at this conference. I can hear you now - "You must be nuts! Crazy! Why are you doing a conference a week after the show?" It will be alright. Don't worry. I have fabulous ladies helping out and it is so the Lord's will. But it will take some planning, thought, and prayer. God is in the business of building homes and families. Moms in this day and age are dealt a short hand. My heart is moved to action for women who desire to grow in their vision for mothering the next generation. So off we will go! (If you are interested, contact the Thousand Islands Church - sister Dee Brown 482-7353. We would love to have you join us!)

At any rate, that is the story of my night - the thoughts that filled my mind and the emotions that gripped my heart. And they all found a place in prayer. What a blessed people we are!


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