Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Nurturer's Portion

He arrived home today, with his totally sunshiny, infectious smile. He has an award winning smile. Did you know that? Yup. He does. And, of course, I'm talking about my Jamie. He walked in the back door this morning and everyone was soon smiling in return. In no time Easter was mentioned, at which point he said, "Oh, about Easter... I was thinking to myself that I was headed home for spring break. I figured I would pack light. It didn't dawn on me until a bit ago that it was going to be Easter. All I have is these..." (he points to his slightly worn jeans) "...and some shorts. So..." Ah - boys! Should we try the costume shop? :)

Life is full, to say the least. But in the past day or two I've had some good investment time with people that I absolutely love. Somehow, that is always the best use of time.

They say that a mother is someone whose heart is walking around inside of different people. How true. And how many places I walk these days. Oh, to be with them all at all times. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the knowledge that He is. And He loves them with perfection as well. The depth of such love is unsearchable and the peace it affords immeasureable.

At times our hearts ache with concern for others. Mine aches today, for many concerns in many places. Can it stretch this much? Can it stretch more? It can and will. And He is the one to whom I carry the burden. He is also the one who will provide the energy and time to minister to them in ways other than prayer. The needs are endless and we are the hands and feet that He will send. What better portion is there?


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