Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How Long?

The afternoon sun filters through the screen and spills white light onto the wicker loveseat. I sit comfortably in the rocker, sipping coffee. "Let me just have a quiet mind. I'll read a book and maybe stay focused."

A buzzing weed whacker steals the quiet with incessant whirring, vibrating sound.

It reminds me of my brain. A swirling, never-ending, not-quite-arriving cavalcade of thoughts tumbling around. Disorderly. Resisting constraint and completion.

I need to finish a thought through to the end. Study the matter out. Make a final conclusion. But instead one thought jumps track to another, never making it to the station for disembarkment.

But summer is here. Perhaps the buzzing and revving and slowing then buzzing and revving and slowing will end. Perhaps there will be a focusing.  A decided direction, a united effort that will culminate in a single finished thought.

Extended time with Him. Prolonged contemplation of His word. I'm overdue for a deep, long draft of the Spirit of the Living God.

Ah, summer.

Lord, may respite come, bringing refreshment and renewal!


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