Friday, June 07, 2013


Tonight, June 7, 2013, my two youngest students move on - one into high school and one into a new season altogether.

You do not have to ask me how I feel about it. I will tell you. I feel somewhat sad. I am truly wishing there was just a little more time.

You do not have to ask me what I think about it. I will tell you. I think it is wonderful and I think they are wonderful. I am grateful for four more years with my buddy, Merrick. And I am thoroughly grateful for my tenure as Camilla's primary educator. I cherish that opportunity with her more than I could ever begin to express. She is my beautiful, gentle, strong young daughter, well prepared to move ahead. How I will miss her as a student.

Days - morning, afternoons, and evenings - spent together. Introducing her to reading, coaching her through math, watching her writing talent blossom, listening to hours of daily piano practice. Stumbling through German and Latin together following morning devotions around the breakfast table. Paint by numbers (remember those, Jess and Nanz?) Music history, the history of the horse, display nights, and CFA. To name just a bit.

For a long time now my days, my months, my years have all been filled in this way. I officially began teaching my children at home in 1986. Camilla is the 8th graduate from the Sinclair Academy of Fine Arts and Education. (Yup - Fine Arts comes first around here. What can I say?)

Life - my every moment - has been lived with these, my students. They've seen me in the trenches, on the mountain top, in the valley. They've been by my side when I'm riding high and when the floods have overwhelmed me. We have learned together, laughed together, loved together. We are a close family, sharing common memories, knit together through pain and sorrow as well as deep joy.

But our greatest tie is our love for Jesus and His shared salvation. As I watch my last two move on, I pray - as I have always prayed - that they will daily love Him more, cherish His Word, love those He has given to them as family, and serve Him with ever increasing knowledge and wisdom and diligence. Be blessed, my wonderful beautiful children. I love you, every one, with all my heart.


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