Thursday, May 30, 2013

Soul Restoration

My soul is luxuriating in ordering my surroundings. Order does a soul a great deal of good. Our Creator is orderly, and we are made in His image. We do best when there is order.

But a good deal of the luxuriating springs from the fact that I am on no set schedule. I rummage through dresser drawers and closets - removing unwanted and unworn items, paring down til the closet shelves look like a well managed department store - when "the spirit moves me." Front gardens that have become nothing more than a tangled mass of overgrown wild day lilies are dug out when a free afternoon allows.

And so the garden sits half finished. But guess what? I am immensely pleased to see bare dirt! Empty space. Borders and margins that will be established. Ah... progress is happening. And I am eager to get back to it - when I can.

Clothes are being ironed at whim. The dirty backside of the kitchen sink cupboard is wiped when I notice it, not when the chore list indicates.

Am I opposed to lists? No. Do I like lists? I like to make them - they also bring relief to my soul - but I am not prone to following them. That is a major weakness of mine; adhering to such limitations is somewhat exhausting to me. It is trying to my soul to continually do what I ought instead of what I feel inspired to do. I have done okay with learning to make the list and stick to it, but this brief respite from deadlines and "to do" lists is absolutely refreshing for me, one who prefers living out of inspiration rather than duty.

So for a bit I've set aside clocks, calendars, lists, and schedules. Am I busy? You bet. But I'm busy doing whatever tickles my fancy.

My, my. Aren't we special!!


Blogger sam said...

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9:59 AM  
Blogger sam said...

I have never been a list maker, even though I have tried and tried over the years. Lately I seem to get a bit overwhelmed when my life is dictated by a too much schedule (which made last week especially challenging). Like anything, finding a balance is key I guess. Wonder if I ever will...

Your days of creating order and doing whatever tickles your fancy sound just wonderful. :)

10:02 AM  
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