Sunday, January 27, 2013

A New Season of Parenting

I've been aware - somewhat painfully - that my life is on the short end at this point. Less ahead then behind and all that jazz. Of course, it is true that the best is yet to come, for those who trust in Jesus forgiveness and grace. But this life is more and more spent. I pass large houses that excite me with the thought of a dozen young children running up and down the upstairs hallway with shouts of glee. I think of large tables filled with young faces smiling over piles of chocolate chips being artfully arranged into smiley faces. Then I remember. My turn for such adventure is done. Over.

But as of late a new adventure is being revealed. Young pastors, vibrant men of God just starting the adventure of church building and family raising, are turning to my husband for guidance, for mentoring, for counsel. And this new adventure includes me and their wives. It's a package deal, an occupation for a foursome. And I love it.

It's not the same as having young children. Nothing quite compares to that. But I must admit, it is thoroughly exciting: kingdom advancements on new fronts, joining the battle in various locations, linking arms those leading the charge. Pioneering once again - I love it!

May we be a strength, an encouragement, and a help in advancing His kingdom - til the end of our days.


Blogger sam said...

How exciting that a new adventure is being revealed to you! I am praying for revelation as I figure out this new season I find myself in. :)

8:18 PM  
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