Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flowering Days Are Coming

Seasons of minimum maintenance in a garden makes for stunted and ingrown irises, gloriosa-crowded yarrow, pushy goose-neck loosestrife invading day lilies and choking out mums. Grasses are growing in the midst of delphinium and bachelor buttons pop up everywhere, out of control.

Dig out the toughened tubers. Thin the primrose. Remove innumerable gloriosa daisy and lily-of-the-valley. Throw them away.

Dig up entire sections of iris, toss aside toes and save just a few. Make room for them to spread and renew, developing fresh and young growth. Healthy growth.

I think I need a spiritual garden overhaul as well this summer. Too much old stuff crowding out new growth. Dig out the old, tired thinking. Learn something new. Increase once again. Get rid of too much of the same. Make room for new blooms.

Yup. It's time. I need some freshening up, some growing room. So first -- out with the old, tired, crowded, smothering hard stuff. Loosen the soil. Find a new idea or two and search it out. Water, feed, prune, and see new growth.

I may be older, but it's not time to be done blooming. In fact, some new color might be just the thing this summer!