Friday, June 14, 2013

A Jot, A Tittle

  • Honey and I worked on our front garden today. I adore having him work outside with me. A favorite, absolutely favorite, thing to do.
  •  Was glad there was leftover egg salad in the fridge. It's a summertime sandwich in my mind.
  • Merrick is learning how to work. That's a great thing.
  •  Perfect weather today in my estimation.
  •  I brought CFA information to ladies in Moira. Maybe there will be some new students next year!
  •  Foot binding - the very idea of it makes my heart sad. One thousand years of that practice. Overwhelming. Estimated 2 billion women or more suffered.
  •  I am grateful to live in a Judeo/Christian culture. We all should be.
  • Enjoying The Good Earth. Lots. Let me qualify: it is highly interesting. It's not "fun" and is far from lighthearted.
  • Looking forward to a car trip to Canandaigua for a wedding tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be fine once again. And as I said, it is perfect.
  • Also looking forward to seeing lots of precious folks at said wedding.
  • Carina is so helpful. I appreciate her making phone calls and checking out prices on hotels, airfare, car rentals, truck rentals. She's a peach that way.
  • Glad for my bed. What a simple, yet totally fabulous, luxury. Wonder what I'm thinking? Read some books. You'll find out we have life really, really easy. Really.
  • My eyes are shutting involuntarily. I think I will be done here!


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