Thursday, December 06, 2012

Your Love Is More Than Enough

 Your love is more than enough for me.

She wrote those words some years ago, and I listened to them again today. I was freshly reminded of how His love makes life truly complete. He really is all we need.

When we submit a need for something more in our lives - when idolatry settles in - we minimize the greatness, the completeness of His love. And how sad that is.

"Lord, I love you, but I really want someone to share my life with. Lord, you are wonderful, but I must have a baby. Lord, serving You is all I want, but I really must have this job, too. Lord, you are all I need, but could I do this thing?"

All this maneuvering, all these antics, all this wiggling around to get what we think our heart needs. Are those things in and of themselves bad things? Maybe, maybe not. But do we really need them? Should we not say, "Lord, I love you. Lord, you are wonderful. Lord, serving you is all I want. Lord, you are all I need. Period." If we cannot say these things and mean them, what have we failed to comprehend about His love? If being loved by the God of all the Universe is not enough for us, then what?

This complaining and conniving and wishing for temporal fulfillment reflects poorly on His love, the very love expressed in a life freely given and spent on my behalf. He gave me everything. Everything. And now should I turn around and say it wasn't enough? Can I really say to Him - The Holy One, the Lover of my Soul, The King of every King, The Lord of every Lord - that His love isn't quite enough?

No. Because I know deep in my heart that He is all I need.

Is His heart sad when I whimper for more? I think so. And that makes my heart sad, too. 

God, I'm sorry for times when I have hinted, submitted, and whined to have something more. I love you and am thoroughly acquainted with your great love for me. It is more than enough for me. Always and forever. I will take the cup of salvation and I will trust in You. Amen.


Blogger sam said...

LOVE this, it was just what I needed today. Thanks!

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Stefanie said...


Thank you for serving the Lord, for being an example to others, and being so open to those around you.

I am thankful for the example and encouragement that you and your daughters are... and have been to me and many other young women!

Thank you -


9:11 AM  
Anonymous danica said...

such good thoughts. thanks, mama!

3:52 PM  
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