Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Will Bore You With My List

You know it's been busy when you don't even realize you haven't posted. Huh...

It's been a full week of special meetings, school, counseling, meeting folks, shopping, and pizza partying. But now I've moved on.

In ten days, four of us fly to Europe to begin a month long adventure of travel and service. Ten days. So I've begun in earnest to make lists, shop locally and online, contemplate needs, and make new lists. My goal is to pack light - so light that nothing will need to be checked, at least for the inter-continental flight. We do have a flight from Frankfurt to Madrid that only allows one carry-on: a single personal item. So we will need to check a bag for that leg of the journey. Hopefully nothing will get lost during that simple excursion!

I like the challenge. (Many people consider packing in a carry-on for a month of travel a challenge.) I LOVE the challenge. Hmmm. Let's see here. Put together outfits for 7 days, then do laundry in Germany. Repeat the process three times in Madrid, and arrive home with clean clothes to unpack. Hopefully. Whew.

My list so far?
  • cosmetics
  • meds
  • Ralph Lauren blue and beige knit dress (I found it yesterday at TJMaxx -- perfect for travel!)
  • Linen lightweight jacket, beige (This rolls up nice and small.)
  • Medium blue twill jacket
  • Navy, beige, and salmon flowered top
  • Limited 917 skinny jeans
  • Navy georgette skirt
  • Primary colored floral patterned gauze skirt
  • Yellow patterned T-shirt
  • Navy T-shirt
  • White T-shirt
  • Rust colored embroidered sleeveless top
  • Peter Pan collared cream colored sleeveless shell trimmed with pearls (quite a dressy touch)
  • lingerie (I will spare you the details)
  • Navy peek-toe flats
  • Beige comfort sandals
  • Cobalt blue gladiator style sandals
  • a scarf or two, a few necklaces
I will wear several of these for travel - the jeans, a top or two layered, and the twill jacket. The rest should readily fit in my gorgeous leather carry-on size dufflebag (a Christmas gift from the kiddos.)

I have lists for Rick and Merrick as well, but Camilla is on her own. Poor girl. It's tough to travel light when you are 16, don't you think? It can seem a bit boring. But I find it challenging and a bit fun!


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