Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Secret Hopes Shared

A European adventure awaits. Twenty-seven days of travel are ahead. New people, vistas, and experiences as well as old friends and familiar places.

Life is busy. There has been much preparation, and yet not enough. I would that there had been more reflection and prayer in anticipation of what He wants to do. Thankfully He hears our every whispered longing and desire. While it's true that I am pleased - thrilled - with seeing Rhine's castles, Amsterdam's gardens, and Spain's antiquities, I am that much more thrilled about friends to be found - old and new. There is a reconnection that will happen and a strengthening of His people, an enlarging of His kingdom awaits us. These are the things that have totally captured my heart and filled me with rapt anticipation. It is this that I whisper to Him, who hears my every thought, all through the day:
Lord, let us bring a blessing to these people. Let us be used by You to love, encourage, impart, and build. May Your kingdom come as we go in Your Name. May we bring something great to them. May we bring You, Your love, and Your Word. Amen.

I will write soon about a special young man, his role in my life, and God's joining of two nations. We met briefly long ago, yet he is the inspiration for our time in Germany. His simple words, shared then out of a genuine heart of appreciation, have touched me over and over again. He was 17. We will at long last meet again on Thursday. He is 43. How amazing.

Soon. Yes, I will write of him soon. For now, I must get back to the packing and last minute cleaning. And the whispered prayers to the God I serve.