Friday, June 01, 2012

A Month of Travel

Many faces, places, and experiences are behind us, across the pond, now mere recollections. But the impact remains.

Thoughts of liberty and loss of liberty, contemplations of Godly sacrifice and perseverance, recognition of noble men and women living for something greater than themselves, and an awareness of the history of lives lived out hundreds of years ago yet rippling today's waters still have filled my sight and mind, leaving me with a collage of ponderings to sort and process.

Which if any of such considerations will appear on this simple page I cannot say. But I anticipate brainstorming sessions with key people about written resources for parents in the Spanish language. I hope to research some people and ideas and organizations newly introduced, to enlarge my global awareness of important happenings. Return trips to churches and places, continued visits with families and people in faraway places will be planned. And a clearer vision of my life's work in the next season will come into focus, I do believe.

Meanwhile, I am home. Visits with children and grandchildren are in order. Duties at home, in gardens, in the kitchen are calling.

And the simple adage of  "first things first" rules the day.