Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lifetimes - How Many Are There?

The 6o year old gentleman, referencing a job he once held, chuckled and said, "That was a few lifetimes ago." And I knew just what he meant.

When I consider childhood memories, I cannot even be sure that I and that little girl are one and the same. And the high school years, the college years, the working days, the newlywed stage. And of course, the young kids, the middle kids, the older kids. Really - that was all me? So long ago. So far away.

Maybe lifetimes are measured in decades. If so, I'm on my 6th lifetime right about now. Or is a new lifetime signaled by a major change in occupation or lifestyle? I guess we all may have differing criteria.

One thing I think we would agree on. At some point in life, you feel like you have lived several different lives. And right about now, I think I'm on the verge of beginning a new one. Exciting, sad, strange, and cool!