Saturday, January 22, 2011

Warm Food and Sunshine

The 6:30 alarm brings awareness of a new day dawning.

Sub zero temps. Company's in the house. And all the usual crew as well.

My mind wraps around these facts and computes an answer: pancakes and sausage with fresh brewed coffee.

Slippers and fleece robe are donned. I tread the steps softly and quickly to find company already up. Beans are ground, batter stirred, and griddle warmed. By now golden sun has filled the room with a bright glow. The fragrance of brewed coffee and griddled pancakes add warmth. The table is soon surrounded with happy folk and lively talk about presidents past and Jeopardy computer matches yet to come.

Sun, warmth, fragrance, and happy talk. This kind of company makes for a pleasant morning. For sure.


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