Friday, January 14, 2011

Gigi Is Happy Again

Everyone seems to be talking about house projects. Well, I have my own about which to boast. A redo has recently taken place in my kitchen: Gigi's cage has a fresh look. A new perch shaped like a tree branch reaches across the highest point of her cage. Colored chunks of wood woven on coarse knotted rope hang in the far corner. Rectangular treats (clusters of various and sundry seeds cemented with honey) dangle from the top cross wire.

Gigi has been quiet for the past several weeks. I thought perhaps she was showing signs of old age, maybe even edging toward death.

But as of yesterday's renovation, something has changed. This morning she chirped happily during breakfast devotions. Later, while the girls painted and listened to Haydn's The Seasons, she broke out into wild sound as the flute played and the soprano sang. Then came The Surprise Symphony. The gentle theme was presented, but soon came the sudden blast of sound designed to surprise those members of the audience who may have been entertaining thoughts of rest! Gigi soundly reprimanded such audacity with a raucous scolding. "Oh, if only Haydn were here right now!" I thought to myself with a smile.

Who would've known? A change of pace in mid-winter helped even our little yellow, fine feathered friend!