Saturday, November 22, 2008

Silver Bells, Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells

A week to go and Thanksgiving '08 will be relegated to the memory files. (A side note: my personal memory files are either too full or hard to access these days, but I keep trying to utilize such function anyway.) I love Thanksgiving and perennially find myself resenting the commercial oversight of such Godly tradition as rendering to Him sincere appreciation and acknowledgment of dependence on His provision and care. The world around us skips from Halloween to Christmas with barely a nod to Thanksgiving. Good thing there's football, I guess. And a Macy's parade.

At any rate, this year I am almost skipping along with the rest of them. My sights are already set on the month to come. We will most certainly enjoy the final autumn harvest holiday, but then...

...the advent of the month of December, the flip of that calendar page, brings promise of great celebration for this household. Christmas time is always full -- halls to deck, apparel to don, cookies to bake, gifts to festoon with ribbons -- the list, as you all know and experience, goes on and on. But first will be a trip to CA to usher home a daughter and two small grandsons. They will spend the month here with us! Hooray! Let the holiday parties and concerts and festivities begin!

Now, add to that celebration of Christ's birth a wedding! Two days later a special lady, a girl who loves a production, will marry! Her day will sparkle, glow, and resound with joy-filled singing and cheers. No one will accuse her of lacking vision. We're even hoping for bells that day!

What a way to finish the year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darlene, I am so looking forward to Carina's wedding. I've been out of the loop actually with everything it seems for so long. With the celebration of the holiday season, a wedding and also a new grandson of ours to come at the end of December, it's very exciting. I've haven't been well it seems for such a long time, but I do look forward to all that is to come. We thank all of you for inviting us to share a love-filled wedding.

Love you lots,
Nancy C.

12:47 PM  
Blogger sam said...

While I wish my girl was going to be here next Thursday I am so thankful she will be able to share the day with all of you.

December will be a busy, exciting time for you all. I will look forward to seeing pictures of the special day!

3:24 PM  
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