Monday, October 27, 2008

A Day For Education (our own and thoughts about...)

I appreciate our Constitution. I am pretty much ready to say it was God-given to the American people. What do you think?

If you would like a bit of education today, read this!

If that merely whets your appetite, check out this, an American story from recent history that provides a practical and quick lesson of the benefits of a free market economy, otherwise known as capitalism. Here we see how it can even affect an education system -- in a positive way!

Tucked in this second essay is a hint at what I believe is a God thing: individuals are unique, therefore families are unique, therefore communities are unique. None is like another, nor should it be. Therefore the more local our governing body, the more accommodation there is for that uniqueness, even in our forms and intent for education.

What about those communities that are desperate for an improved vision and desire for education? Let me ask a rhetorical question: If a horse is led to water, can you make him drink? Throwing more money into those settings in the form of better programs and teachers will not ensure that the children in those communities will learn any more than filling the trough with Perrier ensures that the horse will drink.

Communities devoid of ambition, discipline and self-esteem need infiltration of the gospel. Period. We need to get our hands dirty, establish Hull Houses for Christ through local churches, link arms with inner-city churches and outreaches, and bring change to such communities. It will take time, but He can render true and lasting reform. Let's raise awareness, pray for revival amongst believers (ourselves included) and stop allowing government to take His place! The "big brother" government will train any converts in their way (big government) which will lead to a situation much like our present day situation. (Hmmmm... Did I just suggest a conclusion regarding the events unfolding in our nation?)

Heaven forbid -- and may God deliver us!


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