Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Downtown Strolls Through Menlo Park

Things I don't experience in North Country walks:

1. The smell of boxwood wafting through the air.

2. Vibrant climbing roses surrounding an entire garage opening.

3. Maneuvering the stroller to avoid fallen, squashed citrus fruit now littering the sidewalk.

4. Encountering the following:

I stood in line with my purchase. Upon reaching the register, the clerk commented on how talkative Jameson was.

"Four fifty is the total," she told me. I paid, smiled a good-bye and moved on, but not before hearing her greet the next gentleman. He and his cute terrier had gotten in line just as I was finishing.

"Good morning, sir! Oh! Would you like a treat for your dog? A dog treat?"

"Sure," came the quick reply.

And I couldn't help but wonder why dogs ranked a freebie in Menlo Park but kids didn't. I'm sure they could quote me a reason, but they made this North Country grandmother chuckle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Answer: Because we're foolish.

P.S. I want to play you on lexulous!

7:48 AM  
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