Saturday, September 13, 2008

Choices -- Always...

"Wow! This is so incredibly dirty under here. When was the last time this was cleaned?"

The question comes my way -- whether innocent or accusatory, who can say. But my immediate response is to feel guilt, failure, incompetence.

Then almost as quickly these days (after years of learning you would think it would be instantaneous, but "quickly" is still an improvement) I sort through the "why and wherefore" (as Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame, wrote in "HMS Pinafore") and come to some conclusions.

1.) Certain things are still not habit for me. Minimal housekeeping skills were taught and learned as a youth. Guess I'm still playing catch-up.

2.) Everything comes with a price tag, whether it be $$ or time or energy or space or a combination of several. I struggle with laziness, and always want to be ready to see growth through a challenge. But I also recognize that my time is invested in things different from other women I know. And vice versa. Reconciling those differences is sometimes challenging when comparison time rolls around, but there is a scriptural admonition to not compare, for good reason. I may find myself jealous of the time one woman spends at home creating a beautiful space when I feel called by God to be serving the local church. Then the very next day I may be jealous over someone else's adventure outside of their home when I feel a burden to stay at home and organize that day. (Oh, we are a fickle lot...)

So, while some corners in my home may not pass the Martha Stewart test (and I will endeavor to continue playing catch-up with my housekeeping skills) I will throw off unnecessary guilt and sense of failure to embrace the things that He has called me to do. Whew.

Lesson learned, one more time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say, "Amen to that". I'm at home every day and my schedule doesn't even come close to your hectic one, except for doctor's visits and things always relating to health issues going on in our lives. Even with some of the time I have on my hands, Martha Stewart surely wouldn't approve of some things, that's for sure, but as you say, we embrace the things that He has called us to do without comparing. So well said Darlene. Again I say, I just love you.

Blessings, Nancy C.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your honesty is, well, encouraging in the least! Thank you for that "honesty." It is encouraging to hear someone else go through the same struggles....jealousy, comparison, etc., but, at the same time, acknowledge and recognize them as not being scriptural, really helps us to get our thinking get it lined up with the Word of God. To keep our perspective in the right place. To always look to Him for how we should think and live; taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Thank you so very much!

3:18 PM  
Blogger connielafaver said...

Your home is a warm and wonderful place for many. You do and have done a wonderful job at what God has called you to. Lift your head and proud of your home and what you have created as a woman with what God has given to me my friend. Your faithfulness is to commended Darlene. Many young woman have come away from your home learning many things, keeping a warm and tidy home are just the tip of it all. Be blessed as you are a blessing.

12:19 AM  

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