Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Morning's Ponderings

Danica and Jameson have been hit hard with the tummy bug. Oh, well. At least we're here to help out if we can. Still, I didn't realize she had a hard night until I found them on the couch this morning with the bedroom mattress stripped bare. Must be during the night little man was sick again. This can't last much longer, since this will be day 4 for him, day 3 for her.

Against the white backdrop of the front fence, the soft blue headed delphinium, my favorite, (you will find that I reference many flowers as "my favorite" so there is an obvious misuse of the term on my part) tower above the strawberry spires of foxglove, also my favorite (see, I told you so.) Happy golden stella d'ora lilies punctuate the front, blending with the blue heads looking over the fence from behind. Oceans of lemon yellow primrose flood the back garden, with peppermint pink dianthus floating alongside. The gentler pink rose nods beyond the yellow. Purple stalks of sage, my beloved pure white Siberian iris, dusty pink blooms of dwarf bleeding heart... In case you didn't know, I enjoy my garden. Just ask my kids how many times a day I exult over the beauty of these blooms. "I love my garden!" It is a regular declaration around here, just to be sure they realize how special the garden is to me. (And maybe to make sure they learn to love it, too.)

A friend recently posted about her favorite room. I, too, have favorite spots -- places I migrate to each morning with coffee in hand, books to one side, and computer waiting on the floor before me. But these days, I may or may not find my "spot" free. Today the family room, my place when the weather is chilly, was occupied by above mentioned daughter and grandson. The floor of the side porch, my spot of choice on summer morns, was hosting a young man who spent the night. Someone else was sleeping in the loft which is open to the kitchen, so I did not opt to use the table there. Fortunately, there were still other options. I landed here, in my dining room, seated in a comfortable chair next to a window overlooking the front side garden. Life this morning is still comfortable here at my home. So I will be glad for that.

But comfortable or not, I will choose to rejoice in His purpose for me today. The work He has provided, the people I will serve, the situations which will come my way -- all these things are in His hand, to be used for His glory in my life. This is my true comfort, my constant peace, my strength and joy. No one can take that from me. How good to know and be known by such a faithful God.


Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

so sad to hear Danica and Jameson are not feeling better yet! I am praying for them. Fast recovery, Lord!

I took joy in my gardens this morning, too--although they are merely "utilitarian". (Well, there ARE beautiful blossom on the sweet peas!)

If you ever need a "spot" to read your Bible, come on over to my house!

7:44 AM  
Blogger stephseef said...

Hi Darlene -

I'm behind on my blog reading.... but the last paragraph of this post is now printed and hanging .. well, in my closet, where I ready for each day - it's on the back of the door so it's the thing at eye level that I see upon walking out. Thank you!!!


11:37 AM  
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