Sunday, May 18, 2008

Revival happening in Lakeland, Florida!!
46 days now
30,000 in attendance on weekends
10,000 in attendance on weeknights
8 resurrections from the dead recorded
countless healings
and innumerable salvations!
People coming from all over the world receiving a touch from the Lord of Hosts.
People such as the woman who touched the hem of His garment.
"Oh, for a touch from You, Lord. Oh, may we be hungry for all You have.
May we be hungry for You.
Lord, pour this out upon our nation. Send it forth to the nations of this world.
Let Your name be glorified throughout the earth!
And even so, Come, Lord Jesus, Come!
Amen and amen!"


Blogger Jackie | One Redeemed Mom said...

I was so sorry that we missed you yesterday for the field trip! Did I leave too early from Potsdam?

I'll be planning another trip for early to mid-October (as long as Pastor Mike apporves, of course) and hope you can make it along to that one. :-)

5:33 AM  

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