Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Brief Review -- That's All I've Got Here!

May 1.

April is gone -- caput -- finis!

C'est le vie! Guess it's time to plan a new month, get with it, move on! Ready or not, here it comes, and all that jazz.

Yup - you guessed it. I'm behind again. Well, not really. I'm actually doing okay. But still, I don't quite remember turning the calendar page to April and now I'm leaving it behind. Whew. If I think about it too hard, I get dizzy. So... I won't think about it!

But on the other hand, let's see. April included:

1. a trip to CA for a full week of visiting a wonderful young family
2. celebrating hubby's birthday
2. fabulously special meetings at our home church involving dear people receiving prophetic words of love and encouragement and hope and great futures (how much better can it get!)
3. college meetings at 57 Market
4. a young house guest here for several days -- an eight year old boy to befriend my little man for a week -- what fun they had together
5. homeschooling my lovelies -- my favorite thing!
6. greeting my parents who made their annual trek north and will be here for the summer months
7. attending several performances by the Julia Marie band (
8. hosting a Sunday afternoon barbecue for our church's college students (approximately 100 in attendance)
9. day trips for shopping with daughters, picking up hubby from airports, etc.
10. preparing some songs for a local theater audition -- I love, love, love theater and singing.

So much for April -- here's to May, 2008! Off we go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You love theater and singing?

I never knew.


4:39 PM  
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