Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Weekend Is Over

My busy rehearsal schedule is now concluded. Finished. Show is done, costumes put away, set dissembled, script handed in.

I thought I would be a bit sad, but I am actually feeling pleased to know that a chore routine will resume around the house, and I might get curriculum ordered and musicals for the spring perused.

Not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy myself, mind you. In fact, I am dreaming up opportunities to perform a recital of Broadway selections. I so love singing and acting! And since my chance for lead roles is all but impossible (older ladies typically don't get soprano lead parts...) I will create occasions myself. Perhaps I'll even have a bit of an audience!

Meanwhile, I start contemplating a musical suitable for CFA students. That is trickier than it may appear. But I know God will reveal an appropriate show - soon, I hope!

And now, back to reality. A little boy is waiting for bedtime stories. Then I'm off to my own pillow. Ahhh! What delight a simple pillow can provide!


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