Sunday, July 29, 2007

Enjoy It Now

"Let's all take a walk down to the Walkers' house and stroll down to their dock."

We ascended en masse upon this generous neighbor's freshly mown lawn. He chuckled and smirked as he uttered a "Wow!" - there were seven teenage and preteen girls (two Gonzales sisters, two Melville sisters, and three Sinclair sisters), three toddlers in a red wagon (Paladins), a little Sinclair boy, a grownup McGrath boy, and four adults (one considerably pregnant). Quite the herd, I must say. We all ventured down his well manicured pathway to the river, enjoying groves, fruit orchards, and footbridges. By the river, we arranged ourselves for photos; pictures were snapped quickly before the bugs swarmed and forced our return.

Back at the house some of the girls spent a short time in the lawn swing before the trip home began. As the several young ladies meandered ahead of us I thought of the full house: the many occupied beds, the mattresses laid out on the porch, the crowded kitchen at mealtimes, the family room at movie time with all seats taken and floor space at a premium. I voiced to my honey, "What special times these are, what nice girls, what dear friends. These are days to remember. Soon our girls will be grown and gone. The house will be emptier then, not so many visitors. This is a nice season."

Ah, yes. Treasured days. I know now that new seasons will bring new treasures. But for the moment, these seem the best. Isn't it that the way it always is?

So enjoy them I will. Cling to them I can't. Trust Him for the future I must.

He holds it all. And He is the best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ah, yes. Treasured days. I know now that new seasons will bring new treasures. But for the moment, these seem the best."

I had the same thoughts on our family walk last night-Mike and I took the five boys to town for very large ice cream cones and then for a stroll through the park. As I watched hubby walking surrounded by lots of little men (they were so glad he was home after a week in NYSUM) I soaked in the moment. I also realized that this will be a passing memory, but I sure did enjoy the moment!

Love you!

10:01 AM  
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