Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Higher Goal

"... there are many whose conduct shows they are really enemies of the cross of Christ.
... and all they think about is this life here on earth."
Philippians 3:18,19 NLT

All they think about is this life here on earth...

How easily we become caught up with this world and everyday life, plotting for the days, months, and years to come. Do we need to plan? Yes. Must we be wise with the time allotted? Absolutely. But should we keep a higher goal in view as the ultimate purpose? It is imperative!! Otherwise we become like them, living only for this world.

Perhaps we are busily endorsing a Godly lifestyle as the way to happiness, but if it is happiness for this world's existence that we are promoting, we have missed the point. It is most certainly true that for those who are searching for a better way to live this life the scriptures have much counsel. But if the only things espoused are some principles for successful living here and now, we are no better off than the people about whom Paul was warning the Philippians. He called them enemies of the cross!

We have been saved for one thing, and one thing only: eternity with Him. Heaven is now our homeland. We no longer have a citizenship in a passing world. So let's not live like we do! Let's long for home, talk fondly and proudly of that land, and do all we can to prepare for that homecoming.

Oh, to keep Him in my sight, to never be found living for this life and all that is passing, to be as Paul who forgot the things behind, whether good or bad, and pressed on to a higher goal! That is my earnest prayer this day.

"Lord, set us apart. Cause us to be people whose citizenship is obvious, clearly seen in the longing we have, the fondness readily shared of our true homeland. Make us those whose affections are truly set above where You are preparing a place for us. Let us forget the things behind and press on today toward the goal. You, and You alone, are the goal. Help us to be divorced from worldly attachments. Let their grip on us be broken as we gaze heavenward into Your glorious face.

We have been redeemed from citizenship in this sin-sick, broken world.
We have been made a new creation to live an eternal life in Your presence.