Monday, January 22, 2007

Challenged to Go

It's 10:58am and we are hoping to leave at 12:00noon. Guess it's time to analyze, decipher, and determine whether or not I will be on board that plane.

I think I need to go, and not because it seems like the natural thing to do. My mothering instincts tell me to stay with her (my sweet little Liana Renee), but she assures me she is feeling a bit better, "Definitely no worse."

Yesterday a friend came to pray for me, feeling that I was meant to go, and I knew then that the determination could not be based on everything being perfect -- I knew I may not feel my best yet, and that she may not either. So I established criterion that I felt were appropriate and would require a measure of faith.

How am I feeling? I am not feeling much better, but "definitely no worse." Ditto with her. And upon thorough examination, each sibling is feeling 100% with not the slightest symptoms of an onset of strep. Is that a guarantee? No, but it is the criterion I established.

So with my three questions answered, all in the affirmative, I feel the compulsion to go in faith. I absolutely believe He is with us in this. So...

...soon I will be flying. God will move, I am confident. And...

...once again, if you think of it, pray for my precious family.


Blogger sam said...

Have a wonderful, blessed trip! I will be praying for you all.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A long time ago you used a word to describe me...I'm pretty sure it began with an "a". I didn't know the meaning so I looked it up and Webster said it was similar to "angry". It stemmed from a discussion about my tendency to view things as black and white...does this ring a bell? What was the word? (I know I'm expecting a lot here, but you're good- you'll know!)

10:17 AM  

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