Friday, July 21, 2006


She waltzed into my kitchen with a bag chock-full of fresh from the garden, still wet from washing, herbs. A variety of pungent aromas were released with one quick peek. Mmmmm. A handful of chopped garlic alongside such wonderful stuff and you don't have to ask a creative cook to get imaginative twice. Fortunately I had chicken breasts in the freezer and a hungry family (what's left of it -- the rest are vacationing without me and having a great time, I hope!)

Then it was off to evening rehearsal for The Sound of Music. I am without a vehicle so scrounging up rides is sometimes a trick. After a few calls I contacted a dear neighbor who wasn't headed into Potsdam but would give me a ride. When the wife arrived a bit later she handed me the keys and said, "Just drop me back home and take the car yourself. That way you will have a ride home all lined up as well." Good friends are a treasure!

My world-wanderers are home, safe and sound. One daughter is in the Berkshires with Daddy, the other is babysitting for neice and nephew just up the street, and Jamie is catching up all the laundry.

I am excited because Jamie took up better eating habits while abroad. I had been thinking about our need as a family to review our diet patterns -- we've gotten a bit sloppy -- and this will provide fresh incentive to "get back on track." Time to get the mill out again and make fresh flour and bread, buy only brown rice, and limit the sugar (that is the hardest one for yours truly!)

Soon a friend will pick me up for an 8:00 a.m. meeting with her interior decorator to discuss colors for her new home. What delicious fun -- color!! This is definitely playtime in my book!

Then at long last tomorrow will arrive with my honey and all my other honeys returning home, back to the routine of real life. Good-by to pool and game room, and so long to museum and shopping excursions. Ah, well -- vacations were not meant to last forever. This mom and wife eagerly anticipate their homecoming!

So this was just plain newsy once again, covering more than just yesterday. And He is the thread that holds it all together. He is my joy in the morning, my shield at night, and my peace always, my constant companion and friend. What would I do without Him in my life?

"Oh what joy is mine!"


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