Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dear Ruth and Excited Mama

Consequences. Sometimes I hate thinking about consequences, especially consequences I have caused that affect others negatively. How many times have I counseled someone struggling because of consequences that have unjustly touched them? It seems downright unfair.

Yet it is inescapable. And it is unpleasant to think about. And it seems like too weighty a thing to consider. But consider it we must.

Ruth 1:13 ...oh, how I grieve for you that the Lord has punished me in a way that injures you. TLB

Such things do happen. Ruth's daughters-in-law were feeling the effects of someone elses error, just like other innocent people feel the effects of mine. My children and husband, for instance. My friends and neighbors as well. And sometimes it is even a stranger that must bear the result of my poor choice.

The comfort in all of this? His grace and mercy. For starters, we can know His forgiveness.

But thanks be to God, His mercy is not only for the offender! His Word promises something glorious for the innocent bystander as well. God's wondrous ability to work all things together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose is cause for rejoicing! When you walk with Him, in His light, there is never a lack of victory. It doesn't matter what others have done that have negatively affected you.

And if you were the cause and are now like Ruth, feeling the burden of bringing about such difficulty, the light at the end of the tunnel is the knowledge that He can work blessing out of the unpleasant consequences that are now touching some other person's life as well as your own.

Reading Ruth reminded me once again of the responsibility I have as I walk out my life among others. What I do affects them. I can bring pain or comfort, injury or healing, life or death.

I choose this day to bring good things. And when I fail, I will exalt in His unfailing mercy.

Thanks be to God!


Carina opens at Kingston Theater tonight. This is one excited Mama!!

I had my first rehearsal for The Sound of Music last night. I am singing first soprano with the nuns choir and also Frau Zeller (I get to say, "Shhhhhhh!" -- pretty exciting, eh?) It was such fun to be working under a director after sooooo many years away from theatrical performing. This is one excited Mama!

Team Spain 2006, on which three of my kids and one son-in-law are a part, are doing great and experiencing wonderful things! One excited Mama!

We are tearing out carpet, painting floors, wallpapering and painting walls, and freshening up a bedroom for daughters. Been dreaming about doing this room for years. Gotta love it in spite of all the work. One excited Mama!

Enough excitement for now. And in all reality, somehow the gravity of life holds me in place more than it once did. How does she put it? And all God needs is gravity to hold me down.

I think I'm more firmly in place than I used to be. (But still excited!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do have one twin bed frame with headboard and footboard not being used right now. It doesn't have the slats that the mattress rests on. So as long as you have someone to find some wood to brace up the box spring and mattress, it should work fine.

I'm finished with the books I borrowed from you and have been meaning to return them for some time now. Any particular time work better for me to drop them off? We usually come to the Madrid Library on Monday afternoons. I could probably fit the bed frame into my car as well. Just let me know if that will work for you.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing my mom kindness and God's peace, joy, etc. She tries very hard to always avoid/deny our Christian friends- but last night she was very unsuccessful. Thanks again to you and yours for your faithfulness to Him. It has rippling effects that you can't even imagine...

8:05 PM  

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