Monday, July 03, 2006

In All Places

For an evening in time I was transported to Sebrina's world. Well, okay, maybe not quite, but pretty close.

Twinkle lights glittered on the rows of potted shrubs that lined the walkway -- every walkway. Luscious bouquets of white roses filled the tables as well as scented pillars of ivory hue. Every corner of the yard had been attended to with candle chandeliers gracefully dangling from tree limbs, floating above tables and chairs, completing each cozy nook. A Victorian carriage house, its wainscoating boasting a fresh, rich hue, had been transformed into the beverage room with rose-lined punch bowls on white battenburg lace tablecloths, beautiful Persian carpets, and vintage buffets hosting family photos from bygone years.

Alright -- hopefully you get the picture because the details thought of by our gracious hostess were innumerable. One could write a book (look out, Martha Stewart!)

Why all the fuss? A daughter -- a gorgeous daughter, an only daughter -- was wed, and now was the time to celebrate. The band played, we danced, we laughed at stories told, and we shed a tear or two as Dad held his little girl for their special song. Weddings are the beginning of a marriage; marriage is meant to last a lifetime and that is this couple's intention. That is worth celebrating, always, and most definitely in this day and age. May the details of their marriage be as well attended to as this beautiful beginning. That is what a successful marriage requires -- no -- demands. It is vital that energy, creativity, and attentiveness is invested in this most noble of relationships. May they have the stamina and determination to build a marriage that lasts a lifetime. In Him they will.

Meanwhile a third of my crew is in Spain with Team Spain 2006. They are ministering to the church there and doing outreach on the streets. Sun, Mediterranean blue, and stucco fill their sights. The Spanish language grows in familiarity. They are adjusting to the rhythms of the culture surrounding them and falling in love with a people. God loves these people, too. May they grow in love for them and find the strength needed to continue to bring a blessing to them. In Him they will.

Oh, how I praise His name. How wonderful and amazing He is! He is everywhere present, providing all that we will ever need, whether in the midst of a wedding celebration or on the beach in Spain. What a wonderful, amazing God we serve! Praise His name forever more!