Tuesday, June 27, 2006


My last post was about sowing. Sowing with a purpose, with a vision, with diligence, and with care. Sowing with His perspective in your heart and mind.

Now let me share a bit of reaping that I did last night.

Always, Patsy Cline is a show being produced by CPS, a local theater/concert venue. A gypsy rehearsal (a rehearsal open to public by cast invitation for the purpose of feedback) ran last night. Since my Carina is playing Patsy, we were all invited -- and this household was there in force. I just want to say... she was amazing. Really -- amazing.

I unreservedly recommend going. She will win your heart. If you don't already love Patsy Cline and her great tunes, you will after seeing my Carina.

July 11-15, Kingston Theater @ SUNY Canton. CPS box office for tickets. (Saturday the 15th has two shows: a matinee and an evening performance.)

Oh, Carina is not performing on the 13th -- so if you want to see her rendition of Patsy catch one of the other 5 shows!


Blogger sam said...

Patsy Cline was one of Norm's dad's favorites. Until I met him, I hadn't really heard her. I sure wish we were closer, I am sure it is going to be one terrific show.

9:14 AM  

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