Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back Again

As we crossed Park Avenue in New York City, we smiled at each other and said how much we wished we had two more days. The sun was shining, people were passing, cars were buzzing by, and we had just finished finding wonderful things in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gift Shop (great clearance shelves!) Nothing beats a trip to NY in my estimation.

She was the other female chaperone on the 2006 CFA class trip -- Broadway, jazz clubs, Times Square Church, Empire State Building, New York bagels, and plenty of Starbucks coffee had all been enjoyed by the 24 member team. Oh, and a cloudy day at Jones Beach which left us all with pink cheeks. The kids are the best you could hope for. They look out for each other, they pamper their teacher in the wheel chair (that would be me...), and they hang in there even when we wait close to an hour for our train only to discover that it stops running that late at night (whoops! back to the drawing board...)

Now I am home and need to focus on the piano recital tomorrow night, graduation the next, and a graduation party the following afternoon. My husband and daughter have a wedding to attend in between and theater rehearsals. So in spite of the fact that my achilles is not completely functioning, it looks like it may be time to don the running shoes and get ready for a sprint. Big breath and here -- we -- GO!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the trip sounds awesome. especially the times square church part. So I hear that a few of your kids have lice. Huh, sounds like an opportunity fr=or Carina to get some hair snipping action in.
I'll be praying for your tendon.
and that God will give you rest.


1:35 PM  

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