Monday, June 26, 2006

The Potter's Hand

Sometimes we all need to be reminded: we are who we are by His creation. And furthermore, the scripture makes it plain -- we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Moms, you must embrace this -- first for yourself -- for many reasons. If you do not have confidence in who you are by His design you will be ridden with doubt, subject to the enemy's tauntings, and powerless to stand against all the little voices that declare your inadequacy. You know the ones. They tell you that you don't have what she has (that sister across the aisle in church), that your friend is so much more gifted and therefore her children are better off than yours, that your weakness will be the ruin of your family, etc. etc. We compare ourselves and always come up lacking. Back to Psalm 139 we must go. For our own peace of mind, for our own advancement in the Kingdom, and for His glory to be seen, we must grasp this simple truth: God made us and He don't make no junk! We can have peace and contentment in who we are, because when we do, that actually speaks volumes to the people living in this insane and driven world. They are unable to have such peace. They are continully striving for self-improvement, but not for His glory. For their own. They seek fulfillment in such things. We, in turn, find and exhibit self-fulfillment when we embrace the truth of Psalm 139. And it is a marvel in their eyes!

Moms, you must also embrace it for another reason. You can only give what you have and your children need this truth as well. You can teach them this precious truth. Through your words of affirmation, your confidence in His creative work in their lives, and your willingness to cherish and believe in them because of His promise, you will establish in them a sure foundation that will allow them to venture forth and do great exploits for Him.

How do we do this? Where do we begin? We must cherish every aspect of His design in our children's lives -- their physical frame, their natural talents and abilities, and their spiritual giftings. "Ooh" and "ahh" every new discovery of who they are. Every newfound freckle, every inch added since that last measuring, long fingers or short (this is often discussed amongst instrumentalists -- long fingers are always desired), whether they are the shortest or the tallest -- every aspect is good if He made it. One may be gifted in academics, another in hospitality, this one musically, this one athletically. One teaches, one helps, another tends toward the prophetic. Cherish them all alike. Never speak negatively, never compare unkindly, always rejoice in who they are, and they will learn to rejoice as well. They have enough tendency within themselves to look around and find themselves wanting.

You can help them grasp the wonder of His unique design and find joy in it. They need your love, acceptance, and your confidence in His design. What a blessing that will bring to your young adult who has grown inches and now towers over his peers, or that quiet child who watches her friends maneuver in social situations easily. And conversely, another has been left behind, forever to be relegated to the front row in choir, and that social child is quickly labeled, expected to always step front and center by peers and adults alike. They find themselves wishing they could just be on the sidelines for a season with no expectation placed on them. Every one of them needs to know that they were created -- temperament, talents, giftings -- by a loving Father who has plans for them. Every day is written and they have an important part to play. It will not look like yours, their friends', or their siblings'. Every one is unique. Every one. Totally unique! Don't forget that. Don't expect them to be just the same as any one of their peers. In this cookie cutter culture of ours, that is so very hard for us all to grab onto and hold onto. But we must, because that is His plan and His plan is always the best.

So search out their strengths. Teach them to be grateful and to run with them. And teach them to rejoice in the strengths of others who are not like them -- to not put down or elevate, but to accept with joy the differences. It will free them to become all they can be and to minister greatly to others.

Who they are is in His hand. They must learn and know that there can be no better place.


Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

I posted sbout Psalm 139 today, too!
Must be we spent some time together yesterday afternoon.....

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always, you wrote just what I needed to read. And it just so happened that I came to your site and actually read it. God is so cool.

10:15 PM  

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