Tuesday, April 11, 2006


"How are you doing?" That is the most common question I encounter these days. But no, I am not tired of it. I appreciate every bit of care and interest.

"I'm learning how to putz along at everything I do -- everything." That is the most common response you will hear from me.

These days the thought of hurrying never enters my mind. Before I would have to fight against it; now I am not even tempted to move quickly. "Don't worry, don't get in a frenzy -- if you miss it, you miss it. Better to stay calm, minister patience and peace, take time to enjoy the moment." These are the thoughts that often move across my mind as I watch the world around me.

It's a great view on life it seems. I rather enjoy it. I wonder though -- how long will such thoughts stay in place once the ability to move quickly is finally regained. I just wonder...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Darlene!!! I love coming here to meet with you & chew on truth - you are so precious to share the snipits of your world with us all. I love every minute of it & I love you.

12:02 AM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

My grandmother used the word "putzing". I think its German slang.

you may be putzing on the outside, but you're still cruising on the inside!

8:17 AM  
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